Decorative Panels

Introducing Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings' decorative panels, an innovative solution in the realm of wallcoverings. Leveraging advanced scanning and printing technologies, we transform materials like marble, precious stones, and minerals into stunning, high-resolution designs. These panels are ideal for naval, hospitality, and commercial projects, offering unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

Available in large-format slabs up to 59x118 inches, our decorative panels come in various finishes, including glossy, matte, glass, and backlit options with integrated LED systems. With over 100 designs in our catalog, and the ability to customize dimensions and designs, Tecnografica ensures a tailored solution for every project. Explore the possibilities and elevate your space with our exquisite decorative panels.

Smart Panel Glossy

Introducing Smart Panel Glossy, the pinnacle of glossy finishes for replicating intricate graphics with stunning clarity and vibrant colors. Crafted from polycarbonate, Smart Panel revolutionizes the world of big slabs and wallcoverings with its innovative design.

This large decorative panel, available in sizes up to 59 inches by 118 inches, boasts an ultra-thin construction (only 0.1 inch thick) and remarkable flexibility, making it suitable for curved walls and columns. Despite its lightweight nature (6.6 pounds per square yard), Smart Panel Glossy offers exceptional durability and resilience, ideal for high-moisture environments such as bathrooms and showers.

With the ability to replicate natural and precious stones, including onyx, agate, quartz, marble, and granite, Smart Panel Glossy brings a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. Experience the revolution in wallcoverings with Smart Panel Glossy from Tecnografica.

Smart Panel Matte

Introducing Smart Panel Matt, the ultimate satin finish for Tecnografica designs. It replicates rough surfaces with unparalleled precision. Crafted from polycarbonate, Smart Panel redefines the world of large slabs and wallcoverings with groundbreaking features.

This expansive decorative panel, available in sizes up to 59 inches by 118 inches, boasts an ultra-thin profile (only 0.1 inch thick) and exceptional flexibility, making it ideal for curved walls and columns. Despite its lightweight composition (6.6 pounds per square yard), Smart Panel Matt offers remarkable durability and versatility, perfect for installation in high-moisture environments like bathrooms and showers.

With the ability to replicate concrete, stone, metal, and corten effects with stunning realism, Smart Panel Matt adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. Experience the revolution in wallcoverings with Smart Panel Matt from Tecnografica.

Dècora Glass

Introducing Dècora Glass, the epitome of luxury in Tecnografica's decorative panel collection. Crafted from laminated glass, Dècora Glass panels offer unmatched elegance and versatility.

With dimensions reaching up to 58 inches by 118 inches and a slim profile of 0.34 inches, Dècora Glass panels are perfect for covering large surfaces and realizing ambitious projects in sectors like naval, hospitality, and residential design. The durability of the glass also allows for its use as countertops or support surfaces on tables and furniture.

For environments that demand a genuinely spectacular impact, Dècora Glass serves a dual purpose. Initially installed as a classic decorative panel, it can also be transformed into a backlit panel, adding a stunning visual element to any space.Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

Dècora Glass Backlit

Introducing Dècora Glass Backlit, a stunning innovation in Tecnografica's decorative panel collection. These panels, crafted from laminated glass, are also available in a captivating "Backlit" version, seamlessly integrated with an LED lighting system.

Combining a standard Dècora Glass slab (8.7 mm thick, up to 58 inches by 118 inches) with a 15 mm thick luminous panel, Dècora Glass Backlit panels achieve an overall thickness of 0.93 inches. The patented luminous panel structure ensures uniform light distribution across the entire surface, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Custom sizes are available within maximum dimensions to accommodate each project's unique requirements. Installation is effortless with elegant aluminum clip profiles, allowing easy on-site assembly.

Ideal for large-scale projects in the hospitality, commercial, and residential industries, Dècora Glass Backlit panels elevate interior spaces with a refined and spectacular decorative effect. Experience the epitome of luxury and innovation with Dècora Glass Backlit from Tecnografica.

Dècora LED

Introducing Dècora LED, the pinnacle of lighting-integrated decorative panel systems from Tecnografica. This revolutionary technology combines decoration with LED innovation, producing stunning visual effects through mesmerizing plays of light and color variations.

With its reduced thickness, Dècora LED panels offer versatile installation options, including wall mounting, recessed-panel installation, and placement on specific profiles set apart from the wall. Fully programmable and controllable via a controller or mobile app, Dècora LED delivers outstanding light and color rendering while maintaining low energy consumption.

The absence of lateral frames allows for customizable shapes, providing endless possibilities for tailored designs. Uniform lighting from the center to the edges ensures continuity among panels, achieving aesthetic completeness and enhancing graphic appeal.

Highlighted by a patented lighting technology, Dècora LED exemplifies cutting-edge innovation and sets new standards in decorative lighting solutions. Experience the future of interior design with Dècora LED from Tecnografica.