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Sente Shelf

Sente Shelf

Omelette Editions

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Sente seamlessly combines elegance and functionality, striking a perfect balance between style and utility. This meticulously designed shelf adds a touch of refinement to any environment. Not only does Sente offer versatility in its use, but it also stands out for its straightforward installation. Equipped with a secure wall anchoring system, it ensures stability and safety in any space, whether it's a bedroom, living room, or study. With its sophisticated design and ease of installation, Sente is an exceptional addition that enhances both the aesthetics and practicality of any room.

- White, black and fluorescent red powder coated thermo lacquered steel structure

- Lacquer Color: Black, White, Fluorescent Red

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W 9.8 in x D 11 in x H 14.8 in

Weight: 6.61 lb


Use Indoor

Collection Sante

Materials Metal

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Omelette Editions: Artistry in Every Detail

Every masterpiece by Omelette Editions is distinct in its design ethos, yet inherent similarities effortlessly draw them together, much like the unity found within a family.

Omelette Editions aspires to craft an eclectic array of products. While they don't necessarily fit a fixed mold, they resonate profoundly with a shared philosophy. It's less about following a particular style and more about a deeper connection. This bond is felt through the delicate details, akin to the warmth of an unexpected chuckle or the comfort seen in a familiar reflection.