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Aura Corner Sofa w/ Low Armrest & Chaise Lounge

Aura Corner Sofa w/ Low Armrest & Chaise Lounge


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Scale is a Scandinavian-inspired sofa that exudes comfort and relaxation. With its soft and ample form, this sofa offers a cozy seating experience. The combination of outstanding materials and well-proportioned design makes Scale a standout piece. Its low seating height and deep seats provide ample space for unwinding and enjoying quality time with loved ones. The modular nature of the series allows you to customize the sofa to your liking, changing its appearance and functions as desired. The upholstery, made from Cane-line fabric, adds an extra layer of softness and comfort. The boxy look of Scale is balanced by the significant armrests, while the fluffy cushions with down filling provide the ultimate level of comfort.

- Low & Deep Seating

- Seat cushions durable indoor fabric over down filling, fabrics price varies
- Armrest options available, require an upcharge

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W 134.65 in x D 103.15 in x H 26.77 in

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