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Conic Bar Table

Conic Bar Table

Verges Design

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Conic is a highly versatile table program with central plywood bases and various tabletop formats and finishes. Its elegant conical shape smoothly transitions from a circle to a square, offering unique base heights. Suitable for different settings, including the catering industry and workspaces, Conic's adaptability allows connectivity integration. Whether used individually or combined, these bases create high-capacity bars and tables, making Conic an ideal choice for establishments seeking functional, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable furniture.

- Ash wood structure
- Includes 31.5" x 31.5" Ash Top, other sizes up to 47.25" available, please inquire

- Structure: Natural wood color, Dyed, or Lacquer finishes; Lacquer requires an upcharge
- Bevelled Bottom Top: Shape: Round Ash Dyed
- Counterweight options, require an upcharge
- Floor Protection options: felt pads for delicate floors or protectors for hard floors, included in price
- Various connectivity accessories available, all require an upcharge

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W 19.29 in x D 19.29 in x H 41.34 in

Weight: 0 lb


Use Indoor, Commercial grade

Collection Conic

Materials Wood

Shipping & Returns

Lead Time Custom Made Products from Spain. 13-15 Weeks. Please email or call (800) 503-1458 for availability.

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