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Formentor Lounge Chair

Formentor Lounge Chair


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The Formentor collection pays homage to the Huarte family's history and the iconic location on the island of Mallorca that holds great significance for them. Comprising an armchair and a bench, these pieces are inspired by the original designs crafted by Gregorio Vicente Cortes in 1961. H Muebles, the contemporary furniture firm founded by the Huarte family in 1958, has faithfully recreated these pieces using the traditional rattan core weaving technique, remaining true to the authenticity of the originals. With the collaboration of esteemed designer and architect Pedro Feduchi, the Formentor collection captures a nostalgic essence and deep connection to the family's heritage while showcasing the timeless beauty and elegance of the original designs. These pieces transcend mere functionality, embodying works of art that infuse spaces with character and charm. Overall, the Formentor collection stands as a remarkable tribute to the Huarte family's remarkable history and enduring legacy in the realm of contemporary furniture design.

- Seat & Back: Braided natural rattan pith
- Structure & Legs: Black lacquered metal


W 27.56 in x D 23.62 in x H 27.56 in

Weight: 30.86 lb


Use Indoor

Collection Formentor

Materials Metal, Rattan

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