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Frame Shelving - Low

Frame Shelving - Low


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Frame Combination


Frame is a versatile and customizable shelving system designed to adapt to your storage needs. Whether used indoors or outdoors, its weather-resistant materials and construction allow it to withstand various conditions throughout the year. The system comprises individual elements that can be assembled and combined according to your preferences. The base units of Frame are interchangeable, and a wide range of accessory components enables easy extension in any direction. With Frame, you have the flexibility to modify, extend, and rebuild the shelving system to suit your changing requirements and create a personalized storage solution.

- Two Aluminum shelves and teak legs

- Aluminum Color: Lava Grey

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W 39.4 in x D 16.6 in x H 25.2 in

Weight: 14.68 lb


Use Indoor, Outdoor, Commercial-grade

Collection Frame

Materials Aluminum and teak

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